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May 22, 2015

Start Time Service(s) Affected Status
05/23/2015 11:00PM Scheduled Maintenance,, Scheduled
05/23/2015 11:00PM Emergency Maintenance Research Administration Application Service, eResearch Animal Management (ERAM) Open
05/23/2015 11:00PM Emergency Maintenance All ITS Unix Servers Open
05/23/2015 11:00PM Scheduled Maintenance Identity and Access Management Application Services, Windows (UMROOT forest) Scheduled
05/23/2015 11:00AM Scheduled Maintenance Apply Adobe Security Patches to Windows Enterprise Systems (WES) Servers Scheduled
05/22/2015 6:30PM Scheduled Maintenance MiWorkspace, Bomgar Remote Support Tool Scheduled
05/22/2015 8:30AM Scheduled Maintenance MiWorkspace Scheduled
05/22/2015 8:30AM Scheduled Maintenance MiWorkspace Scheduled
05/22/2015 5:00AM Emergency Maintenance In-building Networks Maintenance Completed
05/22/2015 5:00AM Scheduled Maintenance IOE Building switch cutover - room 2774 Scheduled
05/22/2015 5:00AM Emergency Maintenance Mail Services Bldg. DL Upgrade Open
05/21/2015 10:00PM Unscheduled Outage TSM Backup Open
05/21/2015 2:51PM Service Degradation Identity and Access Management Application Services Open
05/21/2015 7:17AM Service Degradation In-building Networks, Internet, Voice Services Open
05/18/2015 7:00AM Emergency Maintenance In-building Networks Open
05/14/2015 3:00PM Service Degradation In-building Networks, ASB network degradation Open
05/10/2015 8:09PM Unscheduled Outage In-building Networks Open
05/08/2015 9:30AM Service Degradation ServiceLink Open
05/04/2015 12:00PM Service Degradation Concur Travel and Expense system Open
04/23/2015 4:24PM Service Degradation ASB VaaS/Enterprise Open
03/14/2015 9:30AM Emergency Maintenance WS02 Open
02/12/2015 1:00PM Service Degradation Cellular Service Open
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