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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Start Time Service(s) Affected Status
08/03/2014 9:00AM Emergency Maintenance In-building Networks Open
08/02/2014 7:00AM Emergency Maintenance Switch upgrades at: MULTIPLE BUILDINGS Open
08/01/2014 6:30PM Scheduled Maintenance MiWorkspace Scheduled
08/01/2014 5:00PM Scheduled Maintenance Imaging Service Scheduled
08/01/2014 10:00AM Scheduled Maintenance TSM Backup Scheduled
08/01/2014 3:00AM Scheduled Maintenance Switch reboots at Weill, Perry, Church, EECS. Scheduled
07/31/2014 3:44AM Unscheduled Outage Enterprise Data Service Service Restored
07/31/2014 3:00AM Scheduled Maintenance Switch reboots at Arbor Lakes, CCLTL, Field Hockey, Fleming, 3600 Varsity Drive Maintenance Completed
07/30/2014 3:00PM Scheduled Maintenance Oracle Database Hosting Maintenance Completed
07/29/2014 7:00AM Emergency Maintenance In-building Networks Open
07/28/2014 10:05AM Service Degradation Financial Application Service, Concur Travel & Expense System Open
07/23/2014 4:55PM Service Degradation Cellular Service Open
06/27/2014 7:30AM Emergency Maintenance Data Center Tier 1 Open
06/12/2014 8:00AM Emergency Maintenance Cellular Service Open
06/02/2014 9:58PM Service Degradation Cellular Service Open
05/05/2014 8:00AM Service Degradation Windows XP SP3 computers with UofM Volume License Key Open
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