ITS Service Status Report

Unscheduled Outage — Resolved

In-building Networks, Internet, Voice Services

Start Time: 08/02/2017 10:30 am

Service Restored: 08/02/2017 3:30 pm

11:15am Update: Networks have stabilized and are responding normally. We are continuing to investigate the cause of the intermittent outages.

Original Report: The Network team is currently troubleshooting the intermittent outages we are seeing on many North Campus networks. Updates to follow.

Issue Symptoms: Intermittent issues

Technical Details

Service Type: Production

The issue on North Campus was caused by an external AV contractor incorrectly connecting cables in Cooley. UMnet and Engineering personnel pruned the offending vlans back from the access layer and stabilized the network as of 11:08 am. As of 3:30 pm the vlans have been reintroduced to the DL (d-COOL-1) in Cooley and normal operation has been confirmed.

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