ITS Service Status Report

Service Degradation — Resolved

MPrint Printing Slowness / Problems

Start Time: 09/12/2017 11:00 am

Service Restored: 09/25/2017 5:00 pm print jobs and direct-printed jobs may be failing or processing slowly.

Issue Symptoms: Degradation

Technical Details

Service Type: Production

Server Name:,

Monday, 9/25 5:00pm Update: Modification to server resource allocation was made this weekend, and after monitoring performance today, we believe this issue is resolved. A couple of outstanding issues remain, but user impact is negligible. We will continue working with the vendor to resolve those issues, and will open a Problem Record for that investigation.

Friday, 9/22 10:15am Update: After consultation with Virtualization team and Vendor, we are modifying resource allocation to 'right-size' the application VM. This maintenance will happen tonight, and we will monitor over the weekend.

Tuesday, 9/19 6:00pm Update: We continue to see periodic connection errors and slowness, but performance is improved over last week. We continue to capture new logs and diagnostics and are working through the details with the vendor.

Monday, 9/18 3:45pm Update: This past weekend, after an upgrade to PaperCut and applying some configuration changes recommended by the vendor, we are seeing much better performance from the print system today. We continue to closely monitor things and continue to work with the vendors in finding root cause.

Saturday, 12:15am Update: At the recommendation of our vendor, we have upgraded our system software to a newer version.

Friday, 4:30pm Update: Our vendor has provided some recommended actions for us to take, which will happen tonight. The vendor will continue doing an analysis of our diagnostic logs to uncover root cause.

Thursday, 3:00pm Update: We are continuing to actively work with our vendors. They have been reviewing our logs and other data and have a team of developers assisting with looking for a resolution.

Wednesday, 4:00 pm Update: The degradation continues to impact users during periods of high system load. We are still working with our vendor, who is actively looking at diagnostic loads to provide next steps for us.

Tuesday, 6:15pm Update: The print degradation appears to occur cyclically, as use of print services increase toward noontime. We have seen print speeds return to normal sometime late afternoon. Those who are printing in Campus Computing Sites and those who use Follow Me printing are primarily affected, but not exclusively. At peak degradation, print times slow down anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, but all print jobs process. We will continue to update the status page and update those who have reported issues directly. IT staff who have questions can contact the print team directly, Thank you for your patience as we work to find root cause.

Tuesday, 4:15pm Update: All applications are behaving as expected again, presumably as load on the PaperCut server has decreased as we approach the end of the business day. We are currently sending several GBs of log files to our vendor for analysis. Systems Support and Virtualization do not believe, at this time, that internal systems are the cause, but we continue to investigate.

Tuesday, 2:50pm Update: The additional resources added to the server did not fully resolve the issues. We're in conversation with our vendor right now, but do not have a concrete resolution at the moment. Printing will still be a bit slower than normal, but jobs are eventually printing

12:05 pm Update: Server has been given additional resources. We are monitoring it to make sure things remain in a healthy state.

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  • euc.print

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