ITS Service Status Report

Scheduled Maintenance

Upgrade Software on s-ASBDC-Y08-1 at ASB Data Center (ASBDC)

Start Time: 11/19/2017 6:00 am

The expected outage for this maintenance is 30 minutes.

Issue Symptoms: Outage

Technical Details

Service Type: Production

Cancelling maintenance; to be rescheduled in January.

UMnet staff will upgrade the switch s-ASBDC-Y08-1 located at ASBDC.

Networks expected to be impacted by this maintenance are:
- DFW-ASBDC-SAN-MGMT: SAN Management in the ASB data center
- DFW-ASBDC-VSI-MGMT: ESX server management network for VMWare Virtual Center at ASBDC
- V-ASB-TSM: Network for public addressed TSM servers at ASB.
- V-ASBDC-SRV-LOM: Lights Out Management network for Administrative Services Data Center
- V-ITS-IIA-ASBDC-1: Server network for ITS IIA in the Ad. Services Data Center.
- V-DIRECTACCESS-OUTSIDE-ASBDC: "Outisde" network for Direct Access service in ASBDC. Default gateway is on s-ASBDC-Y08-1.
- V-DIRECTACCESS-INSIDE-ASBDC: "Inside" network for Direct Access service at ASBDC. Default gateway is on s-ASBDC-Y08-1.

Groups Notified:

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