ITS Service Status Report

Scheduled Maintenance — Resolved


Start Time: 12/08/2017 8:30 am

Maintenance Completed: 12/08/2017 10:30 am

6100 PHAR GPO Settings RETIRE from PHAR Core & Classroom Catalog [jeffe]
6314 QS1 Pharmacy 3.1 RETIRE from PHAR Core Classroom Catalog[jeffe]
13335 OpenDyslexic Fonts 1.0 INC1232670 New to MiWorkspace Catalog [nmilety]
13386 Trimble Sketchup Pro GPO - AEC 2018 Inc1227020 Core for AEC- Approved for UAT [molnarj]
13387 Trimble Sketchup Pro 2018 18.0.16975 Core for AEC- Approved for UAT [molnarj]
13463 Examplify 1.2.0 INC1231429 Catalog for MiWorkspace [molnarj]
13472 Hyland Unity 16.0.271 INC1231285 New to UHS Catalog - Approved for UAT [crisovan]
13480 MiWorkspace Emergency Microsoft Office 2010 Security Update for November 2017 Update to MiWorkspace Windows 7 Core [jeffe]
13491 CEW Titanium 10 Shortcut INC1236574 Update to CEW Core [fazzari]
13522 Disable Update Prompts for Win 10 MiWorkspace WIn 10 core [jeffe]
13531 MWS task sequence 12.8.2017 [mstiff]

Issue Symptoms: None

Technical Details

Service Type: Production

Routine Software Updates, no anticipated impacts

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