ITS Service Status Report

Scheduled Maintenance — Resolved

Data Center Services, MACC

Start Time: 05/19/2018 8:00 am

Maintenance Completed: 05/19/2018 11:44 am


Issue Symptoms: None

Technical Details

Service Type: Production

Update: 5/19 11:45am. 2nd quarter maintenance has concluded. One of the transformers has an oil leak. It is not at critical state but needs to be corrected. The vendor is working a parts and cost list. Once we have confirmation we'll need to schedule a day to perform the fix. The data center will not be interrupted but will be running on one power source with full ups and generator backup.

Update: 5/19 8:57am. Preventative maintenance has begun and is on schedule.

Preliminary Agenda & Schedule -

Michigan Academic Computing Center (MACC) 2nd Quarter Preventative Maintenance (PM) Schedule, May 19, 2018, 8:00am Finish

1.) GSI Process 2nd quarter PM per written contract. Saturday, May 19, 8:00am Completion. Estimated time to completion is 6 hrs.;

a. Visually inspect metal enclosed switchgear UMS1 for damage, overheating, or other signs of impending failure (must be done with equipment energized).
b. Perform a full function test, including a simulated power outage event transfer.
c. Perform a point-to-point ground system check.
d. Exercise and test main utility and generator breakers and duplex switches.
e. Exercise and test PDU transfer functions.
f. Examine property line switchgear.
g. Inspect all cable terminations and ground connections.
h. Provide report documenting preventive maintenance work and resultant findings.
Due to flywheel issues in the Feb. 17 scheduled maintenance, we did not complete the annual PM for switchboard "A". Now that the issues with the flywheels have been corrected, we will complete the annual PM for switchboard "A".
1. Liquid Filled Power Transformers

a. Unit Substation must be removed from service and safety clearance obtained before performing this inspection. Ground unit for 1 minute to drain static charge.

b. Sample and test insulating liquid. Report results. (Follow manufacturer's precautions and procedures when sampling insulation liquids.)

c. Check conditions of:

1. Bushings for tracking

2. Primary, secondary, and ground connections for tightness

3. Sudden pressure relief device

4. Valves and fitting for leaks

5. Cooling fan system

6. Tap changer

d. Clean equipment, paint if necessary.

e. Check cooling fan and alarm circuits and devices.

f. Inspect pressure relief device.

g. Perform transformer turns ration (TTR) test and report results.

2. 480V Switchgear, Switchgear Assembly

a. Switchgear must be removed from service and a safety clearance obtained before performing this inspection.

b. Remove breakers from compartments to a clean area.

c. Inspect busses and connections for evidence of overheating or weakening of insulation. Clean busses using clean dry rags and a vacuum. (Use of compressed air is not recommended.) Check all connection bolts for tightness, including ground and neutral connections.

d. Clean and inspect bus support insulators for signs of tracking.

e. Dust and clean compartment interiors (use of compressed air not recommended).

f. Megger and record with 1500 volt megger or less. Readings should be taken under similar conditions each time so that weakening insulation can be recognized from the recorded readings. Include temperature and humidity.

g. Examine indicating lights and replace if required.

h. Check for wear and overheating of all primary and secondary disconnect devices (include those for potential transformers). Check alignment for all disconnect devices.

i. Inspect instrument transformers and check for cleanliness, chips, or cracks in the insulation. Clean insulation using manufacturer's recommended solvent. Check all connections for tightness.

j. Check all control wiring for tight connections and damaged insulation. Inspect control, instrument, and metering swit

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