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Scheduled Maintenance — Resolved

Data Center Services, MACC - Data Center Flywheel Annual Preventative Maintenance

Start Time: 01/15/2018 8:00 am

Maintenance Completed: 01/20/2018 6:00 pm

Issue Symptoms: None


Technical Details

Service Type: Production


This is the 3 year preventative maintenance (PM) for replacing the active power flywheel bearings. The flywheels supply the redundant power source for the MACC data center should there be a power loss of Detroit Edison. There are a total of 12 flywheel cabinets, 6 on the primary string and 6 on the redundant string. Each cabinet houses 2 flywheels for a total of 24 flywheels, 12 on the primary string and 12 on the redundant string. Beginning Monday, October 30th, this maintenance will take down 1 cabinet at a time leaving adequate backup source throughout the entire PM time line. Active Power estimates they can service 1 cabinet per 8 hour day. Completion is expected to be done in 12 working days barring any issues or emergencies the technician's may need to attend too. This maintenance has been performed before with very minimal risk. Scope of Work for Scheduled Maintenance Services. Active Power UPS300/1200 and CSDC Series Preventive Maintenance. Scope of Work. Annual PM The following is an outline of the checks performed during Annual Preventive Maintenance of Active Power flywheel systems, performed by a factory certified customer support engineer. All checks are designed to be performed with the system in bypass mode or in maintenance bypass wrap-around. All checks or processes may not be applicable to all equipment. Note: This maintenance is required annually. 1. Visual Inspection o Inspect the proper operation of all cooling fans. o Inspect all power connections for sign of overheating. o Inspect DC capacitors for signs of leakage. o Inspect and inventory all customer owned spare kits. o Inspect all Field Engineering Advisories for applicable equipment. o Inspect cleanliness of all printed circuit board assemblies (PWAs). o Inspect torque specifications on all applicable hardware. 2. Internal Operating Parameters o Document internal temperatures (bearings, field coils, cabinet, IGBT). o Document vibration sensor telemetry. o Document vacuum level telemetry. o Document Input/Bypass/Output voltage telemetry. o Document Positive/Negative DC Bus telemetry. o Check all Other than Default values. o Check power supply voltages. 3. External Operating Parameters o Check system Input/Bypass/Output voltages. o Check positive and negative DC Bus voltages. o Adjust all telemetry to measured values. o Perform outage simulation and recharge (if permitted by customer). o Verify generator operation/UPS integration (if permitted by customer). o Test operation of EPO and Remote EPO (if permitted by customer). 4. Environmental Parameters o Measure UPS area ambient temperature. o Inspect general cleanliness of the UPS/CSDC system. o Inspect general cleanliness of the equipment location. o Inspect area for proper ventilation. o Replace or clean out air filters. o Clean LCD/CRT Control panel. o Drain vacuum oil and change oil. o Degas vacuum pump for 15+ minutes prior to closing the ballast. 5. Monitoring System Parameters o Update system firmware, if applicable. o Download, review and Increment log and telemetry files. Active Power UPS300/1200 and CSDC Series Preventive Maintenance Scope of Work. Bearing Change The following is an outline of the checks and services performed during bearing replacement maintenance of the Active Power flywheel system, performed by a factory certified customer support engineer. All bearing maintenance is designed to be performed during off-line operation, in the bypass or maintenance bypass mode. 1. Visual Inspection o Inspect and inventory all customer-owned spare parts. o Inspect all

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