ITS Service Status Report

Scheduled Maintenance — Resolved

Update resolv.conf on central DNS servers

Services Affected: Update resolv.conf on central DNS servers

Start Time: 02/10/2018 11:00 pm

Maintenance Completed: 02/11/2018 3:00 am

Issue Symptoms: None

No interruption, servers are redundant.

Technical Details

Service Type: Production

Server Name: ns-bin-arbl-1, ns-bin-seb-1, ns-core-seb-1, ns-core-lsa-1, ns-core-fxb-1, ns-core-cool-1, ns-dc-macc-1, ns-dc-asb-1,


Update resolv.conf to use new DNS Resolver IP's and reboot the central DNS servers. Will update one at a time so there should be no interruption to DNS services.

3am - All prod ns-* servers updated.

Groups Notified:

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