ITS Service Status Report

Scheduled Maintenance — Resolved

Sponsor System and CS connector offline during CSPROD maintenance

Services Affected: Identity and Access Management Application Services, Sponsor System, Sponsor System web service, MCommunity connector to CSPROD, Alumni uniqname creation

Start Time: 05/17/2018 5:00 pm

Service Restored: 05/19/2018 1:05 pm

Issue Symptoms: Outage

During the CSPROD Upgrade maintenance on May 17 - 19, the Sponsor System will be unavailable. This includes the web service. The connectors between MCommunity and CSPROD will also be offline.

Users will not be able to connect to the Sponsor System web application or web service while the service is offline. Also, data changes will not be synced to/from CSPROD during the maintenance, but will be queued and processed when the maintenance is completed.

Also, the Alumni self-service uniqname creation application will be non-functioning while CSPROD is offline.

Technical Details

Service Type: Production


The upgrade is complete and all services available.

Fri 10:00pm Maintnance not yet complete; inadvertently closed earlier.

Groups Notified:

  • edscoreteam
  • MCommunity.Sponsorship.Administrators

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