ITS Service Status Report

Scheduled Maintenance — Resolved

Development / Alumni Application Service

Start Time: 08/15/2018 9:30 pm

Maintenance Completed: 08/15/2018 11:00 pm

A new SQL Server 2016 instance will be installed on p-db-prda-mssql and p-db-prdb-mssql. The servers will need to be rebooted at least 8 times. During each reboot, the existing DART Prod OLTP instance, PSD04, will failover and be down for a few seconds.

The work will be done between 9:30pm-11pm on Aug 13, 14, and 15.

Issue Symptoms: Intermittent issues

Technical Details

Service Type: Production

Server Name: p-db-prda-mssql and p-db-prdb-mssql


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