ITS Service Status Report

Service Degradation

In-building Networks, MWireless Degradation - Helen Newberry/Martha Cook Residence

Start Time: 10/01/2018 1:38 pm

Anticipated End Time: Unknown

Users with iPhones may not be able to connect to MWireless.

Issue Symptoms: Degradation

Technical Details

Service Type: Production

Case has been escalated to our vendor.

10/1/18 21:20 -Vendor is looking to obtain more error log information from problem clients. In the mean time we are going to reboot the access points as a temporary workaround tomorrow morning at 04:00.

10/2/18 04:50 - Access Points have been rebooted. We will follow-up with users later in the morning and gather more information for the vendor.

10/2/18 09:30 - Early reports from users indicate reboot of access points may have resolved issue. We will continue to monitor and work with the vendor to gather more information.

10/3/18 22:00 - The reboot of the access points appears to have resolved the issue(s). We are reaching back out to the users again for feedback. Vendor has not been able to determine cause of the issue.

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