ITS Service Status Report

Scheduled Maintenance — Resolved

Campus Computing Sites Scheduled Windows Update 12/7/18

Services Affected: Campus Computing Sites Scheduled Windows Update 12/7/18

Start Time: 12/07/2018 8:30 am

Maintenance Completed: 12/07/2018 10:09 am

Issue Symptoms: None

There are no anticipated impacts of these updates. These are weekly updates to software installed on Campus Computing Sites Windows computers. These updates will only install when computers are not in use, and computers should not be adversely impacted in any way.

Technical Details

Service Type: Production


16110 Notepad++ 7.6.0 Catalog for Sites [molnarj]
16113 Bluejeans 2.9.252 Core for Sites CRISS [molnarj]
16142 Remove AppsAnywhere Pilot Wallpaper and Icon from Sites Windows machines Core for Sites INC1543043 [mhibdon]
16157 Adobe Flash Player Plugin Catalog for Sites, Security Update [molnarj]
16158 Nonmem Environment Variable Fix 7.4.3 SITES Catalog INC1545839 [molnarj]
16162 Emergency Adobe Flash ActiveX Security Updates for Windows 8.1 and 10 Core for Sites [jeffe] Pending Testing
16167 Sites task sequence 12.7.2018 [mstiff]

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