ITS Service Status Report

Service Degradation — Resolved

Qualtrics: Errors accessing Groups, Division-Admin tasks

Services Affected: Learning Management, Qualtrics

Start Time: 08/19/2019 11:31 am

Service Restored: 09/06/2019 4:58 pm

Issue Symptoms: Degradation

Update 8/29, 1:20pm:

Qualtrics is releasing a code update early Friday morning that should resolve the error message for division administrators. ITS will test tomorrow morning and update or resolve this as appropriate. Again, when a division admin clicks "OK" on the error message, they can still conduct admin tasks, though the graphs on the Summary tab continue not to appear.

Update 8/28, 10:30am:

At this point, the errors are confined to the Admin screen for Division Administrators. When Division admins access the Admin tab, they receive an error message that says "Insufficient User Permissions for this Request". In the Summary Report page, the Auditable Responses, Surveys, and Users statistical graphs do not load with data. If the user clicks "OK" they can still do other Admin work. This is only appearing in the Summary Report and Users tab.

Qualtrics anticipates this error will be resolved with a code update by the end of this week.

Update 8/19, 2:30pm:

Qualtrics' engineering team believes they have identified the root cause and are currently working to fix it.

Original report:

All users in the umich Qualtrics environment are unable to access their user groups, and libraries associated with those groups.

In addition, division and brand administrators are unable to conduct maintenance on user groups; it may fail silently or with an error.

Qualtrics is aware of the issue and has escalated to their engineering team.

Who is Impacted? Faculty or Staff members with division administrator privileges in Qualtrics

Next Update: N/a

Technical Details

Service Type: Production


8/20, 2:27PM:

Qualtrics Engineering yesterday (Monday, 8/19) identified a code update that they thought caused the issue. After rolling back to a previous release, the problem persisted.

Today (Tuesday) they believe they have again identified the cause, and are currently working to resolve the problem.

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