ITS Service Status Report

Service Degradation — Resolved

MiVideo Service Degradation

Services Affected: MiVideo

Start Time: 10/16/2019 1:30 pm

Service Restored: 10/17/2019 12:30 pm

Issue Symptoms: Degradation

10/17/2019 9:25 AM UPDATE: Kaltura reported a hardware failure at the East Coast data center has been fixed and traffic has been shifted back. They are monitoring the situation to ensure stability before considering the issue fully resolved. 

10/16/2019 4:45PM UPDATE: Kaltura's East Coast data center is down due to a problem with the storage system. Traffic is being served from the West Coast data center. Kaltura's storage system vendor is handling the East Coast issue with the highest priority. Kaltura is monitoring the service closely. Services may be a little slow, but should be working properly. 

10/16/2019 3:40PM UPDATE from Kaltura: The East Coast data center is down due to a problem with the storage system. The vendor is handling it with the highest priority. We shifted all traffic to the West Coast data center and we're monitoring the service closely.

10/16/2019 2:20PM UPDATE from Kaltura: Both US data centers are affected. Investigation continues.

10/16/2019 2:10PM  Mediaspace and Media Gallery/My Media in Canvas and Blackboard are experiencing intermittent API errors. The vendor has reported a data center issue and has shifted network traffic to an alternate data center while they investigate. More information can be viewed here: 

Who is Impacted? MiVideo Users

Next Update: 10/17/2019 8:00AM

Technical Details

Service Type: Production


Vendor experienced a data center hardware failure on the East coast. Traffic was shifted to an alternate data center while the vendor repaired the hardware. 

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