ITS Service Status Report

Scheduled Maintenance — Resolved

MiServer Managed Windows Production Quarterly Maintenance

Services Affected: Analytics and BI, Development / Alumni Application Service, Enterprise Portal / B&F Websites, Imaging Service, MiServer, Portfolio & Project Management, Research Administration Application Service

Start Time: 02/12/2020 9:00 am

Maintenance Completed: 02/17/2020 9:00 am

Issue Symptoms: Degradation

Reminder: Quarterly maintenance maintenance for MiServer managed Windows hosts begins this week (February 12, 2020).

MiServer Managed Windows production servers will be patched during their selected patch times. This round of updates will deploy non-security updates and configuration changes. This maintenance does not replace the regular monthly Microsoft security updates which will be pushed out during a separately announced maintenance.

Updates will be applied to production managed Windows servers between February 12, 2020 and February 17, 2020 on the selected patching day and time schedule for each individual server.

As patches are applied server performance may be reduced and each server will reboot during the maintenance causing a brief outage.

Who is Impacted? Users of production Managed Windows servers

Next Update: After all patching is completed on February 17th

Technical Details

Service Type: Production


Scheduled Production Quarterly Maintenance completed

Groups Notified:

  • MiServer.Notify

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