ITS Service Status Report

Scheduled Maintenance — Resolved

Upgrade IBM storage subsystems at MACC

Services Affected: Enterprise (SAN) Storage

Start Time: 02/15/2020 9:00 am

Maintenance Completed: 02/15/2020 11:36 am

Issue Symptoms: Degradation

Performance and functionality should not be impacted by this maintenance.

We will be upgrading the code level on back-end storage subsystems that host our Enterprise Storage/SAN environment in the MACC Datacenter.  Due to redundant connections and multipathing software, there should be no impact to connected servers, other than a notification that a single path has gone down while each half of the redundant subsystem is upgraded.

Who is Impacted? ITS Servers that use fiber-attached, block storage

Next Update: 2/15/2020 @14:00

Technical Details

Service Type: Production

Server Name: v7000prs01, v7000prs04, v7000prs05, fs900prs00


Upgrade Storwize software of IBM storage subsystems v7000prs01, v7000prs04, v7000prs05, and the fs900prs00 at MACC data center to version to match the code level that is currently running on the SVC nodes. No outage expected in SAN attached systems because of multipathing. This service has a permanent exception to run maintenance starting at 9am on Saturday's to avoid the higher load times of the day.

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