ITS Service Status Report

Service Degradation — Resolved

Ann Arbor campus - Traditional Voice Services - Centrex Users

Services Affected: Voice Services

Start Time: 06/29/2020 10:13 am

Maintenance Completed: 07/15/2020 12:50 pm

Issue Symptoms: Degradation

7_10_2020:  We are in the final stages of testing an alternate solution.  We will update again on Monday 7-13-20.

7_8_2020:  We are in the process of testing possible solutions to this problem.  We will update again on Friday 7-10-2020.

6_30_2020:  We continue to investigate. 


We have identified a problem with inbound calls to some Centrex users. This only impacts users that have their phones call forwarded to our campus voicemail system.  Calls to Centrex numbers from On campus systems are not forwarding correctly and callers are getting an error message "Sorry, but your call can not be completed".  Calls from Off campus are working as expected.

We are currently investigating the cause and working on a solution.

Expect an update on Tuesday 6-30-2020.

Who is Impacted? There should be no impact to users

Next Update: 6/30/2020 12:00 PM

Technical Details

Service Type: Production


7-15-2020 We have successfully tested an alternate routing solution for this problem.  We have implemented this for the known user(s) affected.  We will implement this change on affected users on an as needed basis.

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