ITS Service Status Report

Service Degradation — Resolved

Some Zoom for Health users unable to join Zoom Meetings from browser link

Services Affected: Video Conferencing, Zoom

Start Time: 07/06/2020 3:33 pm

Service Restored: 07/21/2020 11:02 am

Issue Symptoms: Degradation

Some Zoom for Health at U-M users who click to start/join a Zoom meeting from the Zoom web portal ( will see an error that the meeting ID is invalid.

ITS and HITS have confirmed that updating to the most recent Zoom client application resolves the issue.

  • If you are NOT using a CoreImage PC, you may be able to update your Zoom client yourself by following instructions on updating Zoom.
    • If you see a message "Automatic updates disabled" when following these instructions, you are not able to update your Zoom client by yourself. Please contact the department that manages your device for assistance.
  • If you ARE using a CoreImage PC, you are not able to update your Zoom client by yourself. If you attempt to update it, you will see a message, "Automatic updates disabled". HITS is working on releasing the most recent version to CoreImage PCs.

Until your client is updated, a workaround is to use the Zoom client application (desktop application) to join your meetings in one of the following ways:

  • Click "Meetings" to see a list of meetings that you are the host of. Click the meeting on the left, then Start to join the meeting.
  • Click "Join" from the homepage and type in the meeting ID.

This status posting will remain open until HITS releases the updated client to CoreImage PCs.

Who is Impacted? Zoom for Health at U-M users who are using the Zoom client application

Next Update: Once HITS releases the updated Zoom client to CoreImage PCs

Technical Details

Service Type: Production


HITS is releasing the updated Zoom client application to CoreImage PCs this week (already rolled out to many) which was the only remaining group that couldn't self-update to resolve the issue

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