ITS Service Status Report

Service Degradation

Great Lakes IME Burst Buffer Unavailable

Services Affected: Research HPC

Start Time: 02/19/2021 11:03 am

Anticipated End Time: Unknown

Issue Symptoms: Degradation

The IME Burst Buffer on Great Lakes is unavailable.  Access and jobs on Great Lakes that did not use IME are not impacted.

Users who had data on IME should send a request to  to have their IME data synced to Scratch.

IME will remain unavailable until an emergency software update is scheduled with the vendor

Who is Impacted? Users of Great Lakes

Next Update: Update when an emergency service window is identified.

Technical Details

Service Type: Production

Server Name: Great Lakes


IME use is causing Great Lakes compute nodes to lock until IME is disabled.  This appears to be a bug in the version of IME we updated to in January and has now caused a few small outages.

We have an open issue with the vendor and they have a fix.  Applying that fix with their support is not scheduled at this time. 

IME has a small specialized user base and we will keep IME up on a test system to service requests for data in IME.  A communication will be emailed to users who currently have data in IME and offer to sync it to Scratch.

No other HPC clusters have IME and are not impacted by this issue.

Report Additional Impacts

Contact the ITS Service Center for more information or to report additional impacts.