ITS Service Status Report

Unscheduled Outage — Service Restored

Network Issues Related to DNS

Services Affected: Backbone, In-building Networks, Internet

Start Time: 06/15/2021 11:52 am

Service Restored: 06/15/2021 1:15 pm

Issue Symptoms: Outage

Users across campus are reporting network outages which appear to be related to DNS.

The Engineering and UMnet teams are trouble-shooting the problem currently.

We will update this status page when we have a better understanding of the problem.

6/15/21 @ 12:15 - UMnet and Engineering staff are configuring a work-around for the DNS outage.

Users on the Dearborn campus are experiencing the DNS outage as well.

We will update this status page at 12:30 pm.

6/15/21 @ 12:30 pm - The root cause of the DNS outage has been found and the UMnet/Engineering team are working with IA to resolve the issue.

6/15/21 @ 1:00  pm - The underlying cause of the outage has been corrected and the team is waiting for the changes to be propagated across campus.

The work-around is still in place and will be left in play until the normal DNS advertisements have taken over in production.

6/15/21 @ 1:25 pm - The work around has been removed and normal DNS Anycast advertisements have been verified across all campus locations.

Who is Impacted? Students, Faculty and Staff

Next Update: 6/15/21 @ 1:25 pm

Technical Details

Service Type: Production


The erroneous entry in DNS RPZ repository was removed and normal DNS function was restored and verified.

Groups Notified:

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