ITS Service Status Report

Service Degradation — Resolved

M-Marketsite Intermittent Performance Issues

Services Affected: Financial Application Service

Start Time: 07/27/2021 12:12 pm

Service Restored: 07/30/2021 10:45 am

Issue Symptoms: Intermittent issues

The Marketsite vendor is reporting intermittent performance issues with their system. You may experience slow performance/timeout behavior when trying to complete an order in Marketsite via the Create Requisition page within M-Pathways Financials & Physical Resources System as well as M-MarketSite Browse only tile from Wolverine Access. They are working on resolving the issue quickly. More information will be shared once it becomes available.

Who is Impacted? Faculty, Staff

Next Update: 7/28/21 3:30pm

Technical Details

Service Type: Production


7/28/21 8:30am update - The Marketsite vendor is actively monitoring the health of the system.  

7/29/21 11:30am update - The Marketsite technical teams continue working to resolve the root cause of the performance issues occurring.  In an attempt to further reduce the impact to customers, Markesite made updates to improve performance.

7/30/21 11:00am update - Marketsite has isolated the primary cause for the performance issues experienced this week.  At this time they have taken the following measures to mitigate any further issues:
Application Level

  • extensively investigated and verified the performance of database queries and the data/index structure

JAGGAER Indirect Database Cluster

  • substantially increased the size/capacity as well as the associated connection limits

Front Facing Nodes

  • moved certain resource intensive functionality over to a dedicated cluster

These measure were put in place yesterday and the Marketsite environment is stable and performing well.  

Report Additional Impacts

Contact the ITS Service Center for more information or to report additional impacts.