ITS Service Status Report

Service Degradation — Maintenance Completed

VPN Degradation

Services Affected: Internet, UMVPN services

Start Time: 06/08/2022 12:45 pm

Maintenance Completed: 07/13/2022 7:02 am

Issue Symptoms: Degradation

Users are reporting problems accessing campus resources using the UMVPN service

UMnet, NSO and Engineering are actively trouble-shooting the problem with the VPN appliances

We will update this status page once we have isolated the issue and have determined a course of action

6/8/22 @ 3:45 pm - It has been determined that the degradation with the UMVPN service was a result of resource exhaustion on a router in the SRVAGG layer. The vendor has been engaged to trouble-shoot the problem.

Who is Impacted? Users of the UMVPN Service

Next Update: When we have determined a course of action

Technical Details

Service Type: Production


UMnet upgraded the JunOS on one of the SRVAGG layer routers this morning. 

The remaining SRVAGG router will be upgraded on Thursday morning, June 30th at 6am.

We will close this status page at the end of that maintenance event.

6/30/22 @ 7:00 am - Upgrade completed.

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